Board meetings are vital to the overall success of a business however they can be tedious and time-consuming. There are a few strategies that can be employed to improve the structure of meetings and make them more productive, efficient and enjoyable.

Make sure that board members are aware of the topics to be discussed during the meeting. This can be achieved through clearly designed agendas that include details on the topics to be discussed, and by making relevant documentation available to all participants prior to the meeting. This will avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is prepared to be a part of the discussion.

The next step is to prioritize the most important issues that need to be discussed during the meeting. It is not unusual for discussions to diverge from their original topics, and it can be beneficial to have a “parking lot” for discussions that require more time than the meeting can allow. This will help keep the board on course and allow discussions to take place offline.

It is also important to record the proceedings of the board meeting. This can be done by written minutes that are signed and dated by the minutes taker. This will ensure that every decision made at the board’s meeting are documented and referred to later.

These guidelines can transform your board meetings into a valuable tool for communicating important information to the various departments of your company. These tips might require some experimenting but they’ll make your board meetings more efficient, productive and even enjoyable.